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Just had a thoroughly invigorating shouting match with a hellfire-and-homosexuality street preacher out on the quad. I started by trying to counter and/or question the claims he was shouting about God's attitude towards sex, marijuana, and modern sinful college students; realized I wasn't getting anywhere; noticed that there was actually a sizable audience; and decided to fight fire with fire by shouting right back.

I paced around him while shouting (louder than he could; thank you projection workshops) that he was a terrible preacher because he's only shouting and not listening; that the first thing any teacher, preacher, actor, or politician MUST learn is LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE; that he just seems to walk onto a college campus thinking he knows everything about the students already and yells at them without listening; then I turned to the audience, gestured broadly, and shouted "Here's your audience, so listen! Audience! What do you want to tell this fellow?"

They all shouted as one: "GO HOME!" Couldn't have said it better myself. That stunned the preacher just long enough for me to step in front of him, face the assembled students, and give a one-minute impromptu sermon on the Gospel of Fred Rogers, a far better Christian than this so-called preacher, telling the students that today is a better day because they are here, that nobody should tell them they are bad for being themselves, that Mr Rogers and I love them just the way they are, and that it is indeed a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Walked off just in time to be out of sight before the adrenaline wore off. It's not so great to nearly collapse when the audience is watching.


Jul. 17th, 2012 11:52 am
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From another discussion regarding depictions of Adam's navel:

The belly button thing is actually just a small part of a much larger theological issue called the "omphalos hypothesis" (Greek for "navel"). The whole point of the belly button argument is that the existence of a belly button is normally an indication of a past event (gestation), so if the first humans were created from scratch as adults *with* belly buttons, then the creator was essentially creating false information about their age.

(Personally I find this argument somewhat silly, as from a biological perspective the very EXISTENCE of ANY part of a human body is an indication of gestation in the past, and there's nothing special about the navel.)

But this raises a flurry of other questions that are even deeper, as the belly button is by no means the only (supposedly) created thing that is normally an indication of a past event. Some other examples:

Was Adam (and the other higher animals) created with intestines already partly full? (If not, digestion wouldn't work properly; if so, what were the contents made of?)

Were the first trees created with or without rings already in place? (We have tree-ring evidence of trees many thousands of years old, so in a young-Earth scenario, "with" is the only option.)

Were landscapes created with valleys already showing signs of milllennia of erosion?

Were all of the stars created with entire pathways of pre-extant light already en route to Earth?

...and so on. Ultimately this leads to one conclusion: if the creator was able to create false evidence suggesting past events before creation, then NO evidence regarding the age of ANYTHING can be trusted. Indeed we may as well claim that the entire universe was created in roughly its present state last Thursday, and that any memories you have of, say, Wednesday are false memories implanted in your brain while it was being created.


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