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"What's that movie with Lady Gryffindor and the owl?"

"Um... the entire Harry Potter series?"

"No, the other one! With the fakey owl!"

"Fakey owl?"

"And all the other people up on Olympus!"

"...Is it possible you mean Clash of the Titans?"

"Yeah, that one!"
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"It'll have a lot of characters you recognize from X-Men, Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four."

"It's been a long time since I saw Fantastic Four."

"Do you at least remember the characters?"

"The blue guy, the fire guy, Ioan Gruffudd, and… um… the sand… Hulk?"
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(looking over list of movies from library)

"So is this the one we want to watch?"


"'Want to watch' is a rather strong way of wording it. Let's just say it is the one we have not yet watched."
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"Who's this raccoon in the spacesuit?"

"Rocket Raccoon. One of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and upcoming star of the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Probably going to team up with the Avengers at some point."

"At the LEGO Store today I saw LEGO Avengers! And do you know what is awesome about that?"

"Yes! That you can Assemble the Avengers!"

"Yay! So what does that have to do with this raccoon?"

"Okay, you know the Chitauri? The aliens that attacked Manhattan at the end?"

"I'll pretend?"

"You don't remember? The climactic battle of the whole movie?"

"Um... no?"

"Why do you even bother watching movies if you're just going to forget all of them??"

*uncontrollable squees of laughter*
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Today I finally saw The Hobbit. Overall it was great fun.

Every moment of the flashback to the halls within the Lonely Mountain made me proud, so very proud, to be a Dwarf.

Every moment of the unexpected party made me smile and think "Truly, these are my people."

The portrayal of Radagast was both amusing and impressive. If he's going to show up in the second and third films, I look forward to seeing what else a wizard who can command the beasts of the field can do in the hands of imaginative writers. Also Beorn.

There was really only one thing that genuinely bothered me... did the special effects team just forget that elven swords are supposed to glow blue when there are orcs nearby?
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M.S.: Labyrinth was released on this day in 1986.

C.G.: Jeez it just hit me... 26 years?

Me: It's hard to believe it's been so long because Bowie keeps himself rejuvenated by absorbing the youth from babies stolen by his goblin minions.

C.G.: Wait... so where are all these old babies then?


C.G.: ‎^Mind. Blown.

C.G.: This actually explains a lot.
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I have recently been reading both Darths & Droids, which is almost but not quite like Star Wars: A New Hope, and the original novelization of Star Wars, which is almost but not quite like Star Wars: A New Hope. The parallels are amusing.
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(eight minutes into Pirates of the Caribbean #4)

"Wait, where did we last see the Black Pearl in movie 3?"

"It sank, didn't it?"

"I don't remember... Pause the movie; I'm going to look this up so we have some idea which res we're in media of."
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"The Red Balloon": boring.

"The Red Balloon" played at 16x speed with "Yakety Sax" as the soundtrack: FREAKING HILARIOUS.

Seriously, go try it.
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So here's what I want:

Errol Flynn as Westley
Olivia de Havilland as Buttercup*
Tyrone Powers as Iñigo
(or Douglas Fairbanks if Powers is unavailable)
Boris Karloff as Fezzik
Peter Lorre as Vizzini
Claude Rains as Humperdinck
Basil Rathbone as Rugen
Vincent Price as the Albino
Eugene Pallette as the Impressive Clergyman

...and I really don't think there's any way I can improve on the existing performances for Miracle Max and Valerie.

Okay, maybe Una O'Connor for Valerie.

* Actually, I'd kinda prefer Lilian Gish, but if Flynn's in, so is de Havilland.


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