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"Why did you bop the back of my head?"

"Because you aren't keeping track of units!"

"But I'm converting kilograms to pounds!"

"That measurement's not in kilograms; it's in dollars per kilogram. If you had typed that in to the converter, you would have ended up with dollar-pounds per kilogram squared!"
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16) Dora the Dwarven Paladin is wearing a suit of plate mail with an armor rating of 250. She’s also wearing a magic pendant that gives her +10% to armor rating, and a magic bracelet that gives her +12% to armor rating. What is her total armor rating?

17) Ye Olde Magick Shoppe is having a 30% off sale on all rings in honor of St. Tolkien’s Day. You also get a 15% employee discount because you work there. If a Ring of Invisibility normally costs 1000 gold coins, what is the final price with both discounts applied?

18) A sword costs 250 gold coins, plus 8% tax, but you get a 15% employee discount.
a) How much does the sword cost if the tax is applied first, then the discount?
b) How much does the sword cost if the discount is applied first, then the tax?

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3/14, 3.14... Har har har. I celebrated by rearranging some rocks into the shape of the letter pi outside Roessler Hall and eating a piece of pi(e) at the math department's expense. Hooray for Pi Day!

This post has been brought to you by the number that you probably don't want to read unless you have a fast connection because it's a full megabyte. )

EDIT: okay, it's not a full megabyte because livejournal doesn't allow entries to be that big. Grumble grumble grumble. For the full megabyte click here.


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