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"Who's this raccoon in the spacesuit?"

"Rocket Raccoon. One of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and upcoming star of the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Probably going to team up with the Avengers at some point."

"At the LEGO Store today I saw LEGO Avengers! And do you know what is awesome about that?"

"Yes! That you can Assemble the Avengers!"

"Yay! So what does that have to do with this raccoon?"

"Okay, you know the Chitauri? The aliens that attacked Manhattan at the end?"

"I'll pretend?"

"You don't remember? The climactic battle of the whole movie?"

"Um... no?"

"Why do you even bother watching movies if you're just going to forget all of them??"

*uncontrollable squees of laughter*
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A while ago I custom-ordered a bunch of Lego parts online. I had been looking for some sort of building toy so I could build frameworks to hold together the demonstration circuits I use in physics workshops, and the Technic pieces with holes for axles seemed like they'd be just the thing for keeping wires in place. Here's the result:

(The stack on the right contains a 9V battery in the upper compartment and a bank of capacitors in the lower compartment. The switch allows toggling between charging and discharging the capacitor bank through a buzzer, demonstrating exponential decay of current.)

On a whim, I decided to get some axles and gears as well. Between workshops and office hours, I occasionally spend some time in my office messing around with these delightful clockwork building blocks, and this is what I've managed to build:

The cream-colored gears have 20 teeth each and the black ones have 12, so each axle rotates at a speed 20/12 times that of the previous one. That means the final axle rotates at (20/12)^6 times the speed of the first (hey! more exponential growth!), or about 21 times as fast. I've ordered a few more gears and axles (I ran out) so I can fill up the rest of the block and get a 60x speed multiplier!

See it in action here:


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