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Last night I dreamed about playing a board game that, as far as I know, does not exist, but seemed pretty neat. It was sort of a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid strategy game depicting a war between factions of dragons on some other planet, with each player controlling one faction. I think each faction had its own unique elemental magic powers, but I don't recall the specifics. The game board was split into four hexagonal grid maps, each representing a different region of the planet surface, and players placed extremely detailed little plastic castles to represent their strongholds. The dragon warriors all started in an off-board orbital space station/palace controlled by the dragon royal family, and then teleported down to the planet surface to fight.
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For some reason I was in the depths of Moria, and needed to climb the Endless Stair to get out. I think I was ostensibly fleeing from someone (not a balrog) but never actually saw him. Fortunately there was an elevator, so I made it to the peak of Zirak-Zigil quite quickly. I stepped out into the sunlight and found that the peak was much lower elevation than I expected; in fact, there were large tidepools and an ocean rather nearby. The water was crowded with slimy dead fish that had no scales. I briefly thought it unusual that Moria could be below sea level and yet not flooded.

At some point my viewpoint transitioned, as it often does in dreams, and I was in some sort of military organization traveling around (perhaps in Oregon or Washington?) and attempting to reclaim territory that had been conquered by Russia (presumably in the same catastrophe that killed all the fish). We launched an assault on an enemy compound, then we were negotiating with their leader, then I was in an antique store. There were many of the aforementioned dead fish on display in glass cases, and also an old Disney children's educational book about Donald Duck exploring Heaven and meeting God.
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Spent the usual dinner hour lying in bed half-awake, with fits of coughing occasionally interrupting my strange visions of computer game strategy, standard deviation formulas, electromagnetic integrals, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, all to the tune of "Dancing Queen" and "Love Was Made For Me And You." My brain is a strange and frightening place sometimes.
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Last night I had a very long and convoluted dream, mostly about trying to find my way in a huge Victorian mansion full of twisted passages and rooms. I don't remember much of it but it seemed at several points that the house was a malevolent entity deliberately trying to keep me lost. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were also involved somehow.

What stuck out most, though, was finding a Post-It note--a black Post-It note with gold ink, like I used to use back in college--with text in my own handwriting saying something like "To succeed in mathematicks, you must stop searching for answers and start searching for questions."
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Back in junior high I started thinking "What if everybody not only thinks differently, but perceives the world differently? What if my green is your purple or whatever?" It wasn't until mid-high school that I discovered that most intellectuals went through that realization at some point.

At around the same time I was also learning to play Irish folk music--the first time I was learning music by listening to it rather than reading it--and I gradually realized that I was mentally associating certain tunes with certain shapes and colors. I don't remember any of it now except that the key of G was red, the key of E was yellow, and I think major keys were square and minor keys were triangular.

For a while I would also occasionally mix up modern Spanish and renaissance English--I would be talking with someone at Ren Faire and accidentally throw in a Spanish word. I'm still not sure if that's due to the fact that the two languages are grammatically similar or just because they were both "foreign" languages that I was learning at about the same time, so they took up the same space in my head and overlapped sometimes.

I'm not sure what the voice in my mind sounds like because I've only thought it, never heard it. I think it's my own voice. Sometimes it's other people's voices instead. Sometimes it's other people's voices also. Sometimes I have conversations with myself in my head. Sometimes I argue with myself in my head. Sometimes I argue with other voices in my head. Sometimes this leads to useful insights, other times it's mildly amusing but doesn't really go anywhere. Sometimes when I'm driving along Highway 80 I can talk to Highway 80 in my head. It's not all that smart but it's friendly and fun to talk to once in a while. It must be lonely being a highway and having people drive over you all day every day but nobody ever talks to you. So I try to help when I can.


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