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"It'll have a lot of characters you recognize from X-Men, Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four."

"It's been a long time since I saw Fantastic Four."

"Do you at least remember the characters?"

"The blue guy, the fire guy, Ioan Gruffudd, and… um… the sand… Hulk?"
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"Come on. Is time to get up."

"But but but I am an obligate nap-ivore!"

"Hm. Good try, but no."
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"Ugh. Over a hundred degrees today."

"San Diego's only 70-something."

"How? It's always been super hot when I've visited."

"And San Francisco's still in the 60s."

"Yeah, especially the Haight-Ashbury district. Ho-ho!"
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"Could you get a couple bottles of the raspberry tea please?"



"Hey, if you tied two of these together you could make tea-chuks."



"I'm so confused."

"They're like nunchuks, but with tea instead of nuns."

"I liked being confused better."
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"That feta is pretty expensive."

"Well, that's because it's already completely manufactured. You don't have to do anything; the cheesemakers have done every step and presented it to you as..."

"If you finish that sentence, you're walking home."
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"Do you want your hat?"

"Yes! Why? Do you want my hat?"

"No; I eschew your hat."

"Hey! Don't chew my hat!"

"No, eschew."



"Gesundheit! Bam! Classic vaudeville!"
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"So you're Leprechauns? What do they do?"

"I can place Pot of Gold tokens on regions I control. If nobody conquers those regions before my next turn, they turn into points for me; if you conquer them before my next turn, you get the points."

(A few turns later: catapult trolls conquer one of said regions and get the gold.)

"I missed that; what did you conquer on your turn?"

"I got your lucky charms!"

"Nooooo! You be stealin' mah lucky charms! Time to go back to fairyland."

(Leprechauns go into decline. They were on their way out anyway.)
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[We're playing Smallworld, a board game in which players control various fantasy races--elves, dwarves, trolls, etc.--fighting for dominance of the map. When a player's currently active race becomes too weak, he or she may choose to send it into "decline" (e.g. "the age of elves is at an end, the age of man is beginning" from Lord of the Rings) and choose a new race next turn. The current game started out as skeletons vs humans, and the skeletons pretty much swept across the entire board by the second turn. The situation looked hopeless for the poor humans, now holding only one territory.]

"Aw, phlogiston."

"That's an interesting minced oath."

"PLAAAAAAAAARGHHH. Yeah, I'm sending these guys into decline."

"Well, they had a good run, anyway."

"No they didn't!"

"I know; I just said that to make you feel better."
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(looking over list of movies from library)

"So is this the one we want to watch?"


"'Want to watch' is a rather strong way of wording it. Let's just say it is the one we have not yet watched."
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"So what do you think this is?" (pulling glass vial of tiny white crystals out of pantry)

"Huh. Sugar maybe? Or salt?"

"No... *sniff* I think it's citric acid actually."

"You really should label any containers of mysterious white powder you put in the pantry."

"Yeah! Past self, what were you thinking?"
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Photoblogs I ought to start:
would be a series of stick figure comics about problems tall people have.
would be photo-chops of restaurant signs themed around titles that have nothing to do with what is served there. Hazel and I thought of a bunch of ideas on a road trip this summer:
Royal Panda Taqueria
Pizza Schmizza Sushi Bar
House of Noodles--Pancakes All Day
Taco Time Family Spaghetti Restaurant
Asian Grille Ice Cream Shop
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G just played "Scotland the Brave" on pennywhistle using the roar of my spaceship's engines* as the drone note. Truman Household awesomeness has just gone up a level.

* in Kerbal Space Program, a spaceship simulator computer game
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The Happy Dinosaur Brigade: the reptiles' auxiliary of the Davis Funventure Society.
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"What are you doing?"

"I'm cleaning my chelicerae."

"Your mustache is not chelicerae."

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"Maybe I could make a lemon curd jelly roll."

"What if you used shortbread instead of cake? You could roll it while it's hot."

"That would not work. The shortbread would fall apart."

"How do you know? Have you tried?"

"I don't need to try it; I can already imagine exactly how it would turn out."

"Ah, gedankenkuchen.
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"...And do you know where that's from?"


"Yes! Specifically..."



"Atlantically. Not Pacifically."
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(We've been playing through our first attempt at Star Trek: The Deck-Building Game. Pretty fun so far.)

"So it looks like you have to discard Nurse Chapel."

"Aw, but Majel Barrett was helping me win!"

"Don't worry; she plays plenty of other characters too."
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"How is it that [friend] likes apples, but not apple desserts?"


"Ooh! Is this one of those word puzzles?"
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"It's time to put on funny clothes and play music, and I'm all out of funny clothes!"
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"And now you have to do it again. Double blind test!"

"Double blind test does not mean do it twice with your eyes closed!"


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